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Keeping Bahrain Smiling

Our Mission Statement: To consistently and effectively deliver excellent standards of Dentistry to all patients, through using the latest advancements in Dental technology as well as highly skilled and trained professionals. Our Vision is to build strong and trusting relationships with our patients and also to be a trusted reliable pillar of the local community.


Dental Care For Children

Caring for your most precious ones

We welcome all the family at BDC, and in particular we encourage parents to bring their children for regular checkups. We want to make your child's early experiences relaxed and friendly, so that they build great dental health for life.

We also like to spread the word about great Oral Health and so we actively visit children in schools and nurseries.



Lets get things straight

Invisalign is a reliable, easy and discreet way to get that smile you've always wanted - without the need for conventional braces. After consultation and assessment, a set of custom-made clear trays will slowly but surely help to align your teeth to create that beautiful smile.


Tooth Whitening

Brighter & Whiter teeth

If you've noticed your teeth just don't seem as bright as they used to be - tooth whitening may be what you are looking for. There are a variety of safe and effective methods to whiten your teeth and give you that brighter smile. You will be surprised at how straight forward the procedure is, and amazed at the results..


Welcome to BDC

Lets face it, the Dental chair is nobody’s favorite place – we understand this. My team and I at BDC are committed to ensuring your journey with us is pain-free and hassle free. We want you and your family to enjoy the experience of visiting us in a relaxed and friendly environment.

I am a British Dentist graduated from Kings College in London(2007), spending most my life across the UK. Like many expats, fate has now brought me to the beautiful Island of Bahrain.

I’m a strong believer that prevention is always better than cure, and so I encourage patients to come regularly for a check-up. There is no pressure to do treatment, and at BDC we like all treatment plans to be guided by your own thoughts and preferences.

My commitment to you – simply to keep you smiling because that keeps me smiling.

- Dr Ruby

What sets us apart?

Customer Care

We work together to ensure all our clients have a very personal and pleasant patient journey with us. We are a family friendly center and will cater for each member of your loved ones.

Innovative Dentistry

Our advanced level of the latest dental equipment and techniques ensures all services are provided at a high level of quality, delivery and efficiency.


We want to make it easier for you to get to us- when you need us. We are open every day of the week including Fridays. Out of hours appointments are also available on request.


Slow Dentistry ® aims to improve the standards of care in dental practices worldwide to ensure your safety, well-being, comfort and understanding. British Dental Center is proud to be a member of this network of clinics who are committed to taking time with you by using specific protocols and slowing things down.

Click here to read about the 4 cornerstones of Slow Dentistry
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Sunday – Thursday : 7:30AM to 5:30PM
Friday – Saturday :    9:00AM to 1:00PM

Out of hours appointments available on request

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